École doctorale européenne “Women and Work”, Naples, octobre 2016

Douze bourses sont offertes à de jeunes chercheurs (doctorants, jeunes docteurs et post-doc) afin de participer à l’École doctorale européenne “Women and Work : Activities, roles and complementarity, 14th-19th c.”, qui aura lieu à Naples, du 3 au 7 octobre 2016.

Les précisions et les modalités de candidature sont disponibles ci-dessous, en anglais.

Announcement of Competition – 3rd Seminar of Doctoral Studies

History and Economy in the Mediterranean Countries


Naples, Issm-Cnr – October, 3-7 2016

The Institute of Studies on Mediterranean Societies (ISSM – Naples, Italy), Italian National Research Council (CNR), in collaboration with the University of Barcelona (Spain), the Institució Milà i Fontanals of Consejo Superior de Investigación Científica of Barcelona (Spain), the University of Suor Orsola Benincasa (Naples, Italy), the Italian Historical Institute in Medieval Studies, the Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l’Homme – LabexMed of Aix-Marseille University (France), the University of Pablo De Olavide of Sevilla (Spain), the University of Rouen-GRHis and the Institut Universitaire de France, announces a competition for 12 scholarships for young researchers (graduate, PhD and postdoctoral research students) in order to attend the third seminar of doctoral studies on the topic of women and work in Mediterranean Europe.

The studies on women’s participation in the labor market have had a great momentum in recent years and have shown, with a long-term view, the socio-economic dynamics that have led to processes of inclusion and exclusion of women’s engagement in multiple sectors. The discovery of the presence of women in areas hitherto unexplored and the emergence of documentary sources that have led to unexpected new assessment procedures, such as women’s ability to hold management and organizational roles in both urban and rural contexts, long ignored, are now at the center of a lively historical debate that involves areas of study that cover the wider Mediterranean space.

The seminar will therefore offer a place for discussion and analysis of some nodes of great historiographical relevance:

1. tracing the contours of the presence of women in the labor market at different stages of history;

2. reviewing the places and the kind of commitments of women’s work and finding new parameters for comparison with men;

3. defining transdisciplinary methods and approaches to place the work of women in the wider perspective of the history of work in Europe and in the Mediterranean.

The school has a residential character and will last one week. Classes will be held in Italian, French, English and Spanish to facilitate communication among the participants, and Power Point presentations will be in a language other than the one spoken by the participant.

The seminar consists of two sessions:

1. A morning session dedicated to lectures and to visits to some of the city archives in which the historical documents on the topic of the seminar are preserved.

2. An afternoon session for presentations of the work of young scholars (20 minutes), followed by discussions.

Applicants should send a signed PDF dossier by e-mail and no later than July 15, 2016, to sepm@issm.cnr.it, along with the following:

– an application for admission with an indication of the area of studies;

– a curriculum (2-3 pages) of the research accomplished and a brief summary of ongoing research projects;

– an abstract (minimum 4000 characters) and the title of the paper you wish to present in the afternoon;

– a letter of introduction.

The Scientific Committee reserves the right to accept other participants who, willing to take on travel and accomation expenses, motivate their interest in the seminar.

Scholarship winners will be notified by September 1, 2016. The participants will be required to attend all sessions.

For more information please contact Alfonso Amatore, Secretary of the Graduate School, Tel. +39 081 6134086 (ext. 240), email: amatore@issm.cnr.it

Scientific Committee

Paola Avallone, Gemma Colesanti, Raffaella Salvemini (Istituto di Studi sulle Società del Mediterraneo-CNR) – Amedeo Feniello, Salvatore Fodale (Istituto Storico italiano per il Medioevo) – Vittoria Fiorelli (Università Suor Orsola Benincasa) – Roser Salicrú i Lluch (Institució Milà i Fontanals-CSIC-Barcelona) – Blanca Garí de Aguilera (Universitat de Barcelona) – Brigitte Marin (Maison méditerranéenne des sciences de l’homme LabexMed, Aix-Marseille Université) – Anna Bellavitis (Università di Rouen-GRHis/IUF) – Manuel Herrero Sanchez (Universidad Pablo De Olavide).

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