ELHN Conference 2017 – CFP “Maritime Labour History”

Organizers: Enric Garcia (Universitat de Barcelona) and Jordi Ibarz (Universitat de Barcelona)

Dear colleagues,

On November 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2017 will be held in Paris the 2nd European Labour History Network Conference, following the 1st conference which was successfully held in Turin in 2015. This first meeting was a point of encounter for investigators of maritime labor.

The Maritime Labour History Working Group within the ELHN aims to organize again thematic sessions, so we have to send our proposals up to the end of the month of January 2017. These proposals will be reviewed by a scientific committee, which will meet in February. At the end of spring 2017, the organization committee will establish the program of the Conference.

In this second encounter, we will attempt to orient the discussion in a more coordinated manner.  In this way, it would be good to receive the contributions that deal with the topic of how maritime workers and communities have confronted situations of crisis and transformation.  This line of work permits us to include very diverse interests and topics.  Studies about occupational mobility and migration can be addressed within the perspective of responses to crises.  The analysis of pluri-employment as a way of life, or as a response to a crisis also allows for an analysis of maritime labor in its totality, not as a separate community from mariners, fishermen, or longshoremen….  This perspective of the responses to crises allows the incorporation of studies about labor and trade-union/syndicate conflict within the maritime sector.  It is also possible to consider seasonality of a good part of the maritime labours and the consequences in the world of work.  These are not only economic transformation, but cultural ones fall in the scope of the call for papers.  On the other hand, the political, economic, and social crises are inseparable from capitalist development but do not exclude other historic periods.  For this reason, the chronological scope of the encounter is open to a wide timeframe.  In this sense, we underscore the fact that papers dealing with events beyond the containerization of the 1970s.

Concretely, we consider this call for papers to be sufficiently open – thematically and chronologically – so that all the members of the Network that wish to do so may participate in the ELHN Congress.  At the same time, this is a proposal that allows us to undertake coordinated work oriented towards achieving results that are scientifically relevant and that can be more easily disseminated.

The ELHN Working Group on Maritime Labour History invites you to participate in this conference in order to present and to share the results of your ongoing research, and also as an opportunity to meet other colleagues working in the same field. It would be a pleasure to have your participation in this important meeting, to meet again old colleagues and to add new members to our net.

To take part in the debate, participants have to propose a subject (400 words at most) to the organizers. Please take into consideration that the official language of the conference is English and presentations should be in English.


Yours sincerely,

Enric Garcia: garciade@telefonica.net

Jordi Ibarz:  jordi.ibarz@ub.edu).

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