L’émigration des travailleurs britanniques et l’industrialisation de l’Europe

Nous signalons la parution du livre de notre collègue Fabrice Bensimon : Artisans Abroad. British Migrant Workers in Industrialising Europe, 1815-1870, chez Oxford University Press.
L’ouvrage, sous ce lien, est disponible au format PDF.



Between 1815 and 1870, when European industrialisation was in its infancy and Britain enjoyed a technological lead, thousands of British workers emigrated to the continent. They played a key role in several sectors, such as textiles, iron, mechanics, and the railways. These men and women thereby contributed significantly to the industrial take-off in continental Europe. Artisans Abroad examines the lives and trajectories of these workers who emigrated from manufacturing centres in Britain to France, Belgium, and other countries, considering their mobilities, their culture, their politics, and their relations with the local populations. Fabrice Bensimon reminds us that, long before the European Union and Brexit, the British economy was deeply enmeshed with the Continent, not just with the Empire and the United States. He shows the critical role played by migrant workers in the industrial revolution. Artisans Abroad is the first social and cultural history of this forgotten migration.

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